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Lib Dems losing here

From Paul Clarke

Monday, 19 September 2011

As the Lib Dems fiddle while Rome is burning at their national conference, I thought it might be fun to look at few interesting numbers about the cost to them of propping up a right wing govt determined to smash the welfare state and flog off the NHS:

  • 47 - percentage of people who voted for them at the GE who won't do so again
  • 20 ? percentage of voters who think Nick Clegg is a good leader
  • 618 ? the number of votes they lost by in the 2010 Calder election
  • 53 ? Janet Battye's majority when she last stood at a time when Labour was incredibly unpopular.

Not looking good for our esteemed council leader is it?

From Joseph S

Sunday, 25 September 2011

I agree Paul there is a real issue here. Cllr Battye is one of the most committed, practical & sensible local politicians I've ever met. I don't see her as a Lib Dem, but as someone who is committed to making our area better.

This is the sort of person I want to lead our local council- plain speaking and fair- not one looking for it to be a springboard to Westminster.

I hope that people can see past the national links, and not penalise her next year. In a sense its a test for us the electorate. Do we do the knee jerk "Lib Dems bad" thing- and vote her out. Or do we show that we are intelligent enough to differentiate between local and national- and vote for a person- not a party?