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Hebden Cord: what to do?

From Robert Goodfellow

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

To all those that would help

I have seen the wooden blast doors of Hebden Cord have finally been breached.

Like any curious soul I have almost ventured in there, with my mobile for a torch, to see what mysteries lie in its aged darkness. However, it looks too damp and crack den like to fully persuade myself.

Its a shame because for some reason I have always had a little bit of a soft spot for this building. I have always imagined it Ivy spun with a friendly little puff of smoke from its chimney. Warm candle lights against the frosted panes. Maybe its the constant torrential weather we have been having but finally I have been thinking to myself, either pull it down or someone please rescue it before it sinks into a rain sodden pool of misery and neglect.

When I first arrived in Hebden I inquired into this neo Dickensian building and people told me grand stories of how it once supplied the noble gentry of our empirical country. Yet the story of its owner intrigued me more. I was told of a lady wounded by love and retreated back to the moors, where she lives to this day, a recluse amid the high witherings of her heart and home.

Well, of course I am slightly dubious about this tale of lost romance and our very own Satis House located next to the Hole in't Wall. However, being the Pip I am, I would like to tare down the light shrouding curtains surrounding this mystery. Inform the owner that the former Cord Co. has now ceased to trade and its former premises will cease to be unless they do something quick smart.

Anyone out there have any information or will please contact the owner regarding saving one of our historical buildings, your help would be gratefully welcomed.

From Dave M

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It should be possible to find out the owner from the landregistry.gov.uk website. Follow the link at the top for 'Find a property'. You will most likely need to buy the Title Register at a cost of £4.

From Gwen Goddard

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Some of us tried to save this building, one of the oldest in the town, a few years back but CMBC approved a planning application for demolition and a proposed new build of retail units/offices with flats above. As far as I know nothing has happened since. Planning permission does have a shelf life but if it expirres it will probably be too late to rescue the building.

From Robert Goodfellow

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

So, some person has the deeds to this building and just letting it go into disrepair? Its a sad day when these kind of things happen. Ill contact the council to find out who has the deeds and send them a very stern letter. As apart from letting a building go derelict, it is also a health hazard to would be adventurous teenagers.

Thanks for all the help.