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Fairness of a bye election

From Jade P

Friday, 10 February 2012

I note Cllr Press is concerned about the 'fairness' and 'cost' to the electorate of a by-election in Calder Ward later this year.

Given the 25% hike in the precept for Hebden Royd Town Council I would suggest it can well afford to pay for the by election both for Cllr's Fekri and Davenport.

And talking of fairness - were the electorate of Cragg Vale not entitled to a say in who represents them on the town council?

From Paul Clarke

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The cost of Calder election will be on Calderdale council tax payers not Hebden Royd council tax payers. So nothing to do with the 3p per day precept raised in Hebden Royd.

It may a Lib Dem tactic to give Cllr Battye (Calder, majority 53) another crack in November if and when she loses in May but it us the council tax mugs who have to pay for it.

From Jade P

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hello Mr Clarke. Please clarify for me the difference between a Calderdale Council tax payer and a Hebden Bridge Town Council tax payer. I understood that residents paid tax to both?

Re the 'Lib Dem tactic' I assume Labour would not do the same thing if they were in a simiilar position? Labour have not been so kind as to offer the residents of Cragg Vale a bye election, is that not the same game?

From Mick F

Sunday, 12 February 2012

I really do get rather tired at the Labour Party complaining about fairness. There's one rule for them and one rule for other people. When a councillor elected in May last year changes her party, then Labour don't call for an immediate bye-election, but when a Lib Dem councillor is open and says he will have to resign later in the year due to a change of circumstances, they do.

They obviously know that if a bye-election was to be arranged for May 3rd, then Nader Fekri would have to cease being a councillor sometime in March and he would stop being Mayor immediately. Since his Mayoral term of office ends at the annual council meeting in May, this would leave Calderdale with no Mayor for 2 months and the Deputy Mayor would 'act up'.

Perhaps not the end of the world, but pretty unfair whatever way you look at it.

When Cllr Davenport resigns to fight her seat again under her new colours, Labour may have a case, but until then a period of silent reflection is called for.