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Persistent ice at Fairfield

From Rebecca L

Friday, 10 February 2012

I'd like to raise the problem of persistent ice on pavements in Fairfield.

As it's the dark side of the valley there are some stretches that stay thick with ice after snowfall, for days and sometimes weeks.

The footpath on Shelf Rd leading down to the coop is lethal. I've called Calderdale Council to ask if they could grit the pavement as it's too dangerous to walk on and parents are risking life and limb walking in the road with buggies and small children. The answer was a flat no, despite the (flat) pavements in the town now being gritted. The excuses were various, including, hilariously, the idea that the grit from the road also treats the pavement (last time I checked it wasn't possible for grit to pass through a row of parked cars!).

Please can something be done about this? Luckily I have a car and was able to drive my son to school in safety thanks to clear roads, but I passed a friend who was teetering dangerously down the hill with a baby in a buggy. I know the council won't routinely grit our paths, but surely if we identify a hazard like this they ought to attempt to sort it out.