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Litter from Recycling Crews

From Patsy F

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hello all -

My recycling materials were collected today. Two hours later my daughter was walking up Cragg Road from Mytholmroyd to our home. She saw papers (letters) lying all along the road some distance from our house and picked them up to put in the recycling bag at home. She then noticed my handwritten notes on one of them. There were eight sheets in all.

Before I recycle personal papers I always tear off addresses, names and anything which can identify us, and shred those parts before they're recycled. Up to now my family have laughed at this as being a bit anal but now see my point.

In the past I have picked up other peoples' bank statements and other personal papers along our road. The collection teams always seem to be on the run in their collecting. This looks impressive but they're creating litter as they go.

I can't remember anything similar in the good old Kerbside days - they were always neat and careful.

From Claire M

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Yup they leave a fair bit of paper strewn around near ours too . Kerbside were much more effective in taking recycling away.