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Dog Control Orders

From Chris Greaves

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Council meets on Monday 12th March at 6pm to discuss proposed dog control orders. The rewritten recommendations based on the consultations over Christmas include:

  • Pick up poo - except on moorland and in woodland
  • Dogs banned from playgrounds (fenced and unfenced), tennis courts, bowling greens, school grounds and school playing fields
  • Dogs must be on leads of less than 2m on roadside pavements and footways, in car parks, on grass verges by roads, in graveyards, cemetries and churcyards, in skateparks and on allotments.
  • Dogs must be on leads at: both fenced rugby pitches on Four Fields playing field, Page Hill, Mixenden; fenced football pitch on Carr Green Recreation Ground, Rastrick; both unfenced football pitches at Beechwood Recreation Ground, Holmfield, Halifax; fenced football pitch Greetland Goldfields, Rochdale Road, Greetland; fenced football pitch, Shroggs Park, Halifax; Dogs can be offlead on towpaths and round waterways and reservoirs.
  • Walkers are restricted to six dogs at: Beechwood Park, Midgley Recreation Ground, Ogden Water, Hardcastle Crags, and Roils Head Playing Fields.

Looks like a good balance to me although I can think of some roadways, pavements and carparks in the more rural areas where it seems a bit silly to require dogs to be on leads.

See full report here

From Rob Blake

Monday, 26 March 2012

As well as picking up the poo, dog owners must dispose of it in a bin - not in the bushes.

See this article if you are in any doubt of the problem of full dog poo bags being discarded.

I just got back from picking litter between Brearley and Luddendenfoot. 43 discarded and full poo bags in total, yuck..