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Big Spring Clean

From Rob Blake

Monday, 26 March 2012

I just wanted to say what a fantastic job the big spring cleaners have done in Mytholmroyd this year.

I looked over the side of one of the bridges over the Calder this morning and didn't see a single piece of litter!

Whoever climbed down there and picked the litter has done a fantastic job - well done!

We did the cycle track between Mytholmroyd and Brearley. We managed to fill 16 bin bags with litter and collected 183 full and discarded dog poo bags.

I'm a dog owner myself, but why people scoop the poop and then leave it in a bush is completely beyond me.

It's also obvious from the litter collected that apart from dog poo, kids are the main culprits. Drinks cans, crisp packets and sweet wrappers are everywhere.

In my day we would get a clip round the ear for littering, but these days the kids can litter with impunity. If anyone from the local schools is reading this - maybe we could get the Schools involved next year. Just a thought ;-)

From Ruth Walker-Cotton

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I thought you might like to know that two groups of children from Central St Infant & Nursery School took part in the Big Spring Clean in Hebden Bridge. They were really enthusiastic and worked hard (and probably pretty disgusted by some of their finds!) Local residents and passers by congratulated and thanked the kids for their efforts. I think it is really great for people to see children involved in that way - so it would be brilliant if more were involved next year.

From Rob Blake

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hi Ruth,

That's fantastic.

I don't think it's the younger ones who are to blame anyway - more the surly teenagers who demonstrate their manliness by filling up the upper calder valley with empty drinks cans and crisp packets.

I discovered that the river in Mytholmroyd was cleaned up by the Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team. Excellent work . . .