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Blues Festival

From Gerry F

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tried today to get day tickets in person for this year's Blues Festival. Apparently you can only get them online.

If this is the case, it's not very reflective of the inclusive ethos of Hebden Bridge. Not everyone has access to the internet, or feels confident paying for things on line.

Oh well, for anyone who can't get a ticket there will be free music at the Fox and Goose Inn, in Heptonstall Road, during the Bank Holiday weekend.

From Phil M

Friday, 1 June 2012

Does indeed sound odd?

Also Free music Sunday and Monday afternoons at the Trades as its our 30th Birthday celebration...

From Jason Elliott

Friday, 1 June 2012

Sounds incorrect more like. Misinformation; dontcha just love it?

Tickets are available on the door of the Picture House tomorrow and Sunday, as it says on the website on the Tickets page... (Although I have already received complaints from locals that the show tonight is sold out at B@r Place.)

We also have nine free gigs around the town this weekend too, at Nelson's, Marshall's, The White Swan, Moyles and The Shoulder of Mutton. Check out the Juke Joints page on the Prgramme section of www.hebdenblues.co.uk if you're interested.

I know people will moan about that not being enough, being at the wrong time, there not being a creche etc, but you try putting this on with your own money and zero pennies from either council.

Anyway, if you'd like to use this thread to moan or promote your own gigs feel free. I'll try to answer when I get time.

From Gerry F

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Well that's all well and good having them available at the Picture House on the second day of the festival - but doesn't that mean people without internet access have to take a chance that there are some left on Saturday, rather than prebooking?

And what if they wanted to buy a weekend ticket? Wouldn't they have to buy it on Saturday, then, having missed the Friday night gigs?
So not exactly incorrect, from what you say here.

Incidentally I'm not moaning - I bought my ticket on line after traipsing to the Picture House for nothing last week. I'm just thinking about another group of people who aren't in a position to do so.

The only way to improve on an event year-on-year is listen and take on board people's criticisms.

From Paul Clarke

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Like most people I buy most things online so I find it bizarre when people seem scared of the web.

I think Jason has explained the situation and I'm sure will learn any lessons from that.

In the meantime let's not knock his efforts as he is putting on a decent event that will draw people into our local economy.

It's actually great Bar Place is sold out and I hope everything goes well over the weekend.

We are very lucky round here with this festival, The Arts Fest and the Folk Festival later in the year.

From Jason Elliott

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Yes Gerry, you are quite correct. If you have no internet access and can't make to any public library to use the free internet access there and have no friends or famil you can ask to either book them for you or to let you have five minutes on their computer, then yes, you run the risk that tickets will sell out and you won't be able to get in.

However, I have taken your criticisms on board and would be happy to have a physical ticket office next year for those people who can't do any of the above, provided that you rent it and staff it of course.

Alternatively, those people who can't do any of the above could always go to one of the free gigs...


From Phil M

Friday, 8 June 2012

The weekend looked like a big success, lots of people came and enjoyed themselves so well done to all involved!!

The point about there being a percentage of people who live in Hebden [or anywhere else]and don't have access or inclination to use online services and purchase online tickets is a valid one tho..

I know several people who take an informed choice not to go near the tinterweb but who love music and wish to actively support it by attending gigs..

We do need to provide some service to these people. It does not need to be a dedicated ticket office, just a local shop or charity that can be known as a point of information and a point of ticket ordering..