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New digital projector at Picture House

From Paul Clarke

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Well done Hebden Royd! I went along to see Prometheus last night and the brilliant pictures from the new digital projector really did this CGI heavy film justice.

The picture was pin sharp and was a massive improvement on the old film projector. It was like being a different cinema.

So well done to Hebden Royd Town Council for ignoring the tiresome naysayers and spending the money to make sure we have a cinema with state of the art kit.

BTW. Local Lib Dems might want to note that Mytholmroyd residents managed to fight their way through the invisible force field between the towns and use a facility they have contributed to. Oh, and it was a full house.

Ps. There was a bizarre fight in the loos which the staff dealt with brilliantly with support from some customers. We should be so proud we have a cinema like this serving our communities.