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Free parking until Xmas?

From Paul Clarke

Sunday, 5 August 2012

I didn't go to the meeting in the Town Hall for businesses as I don't own a business, but I wonder if anyone raised free parking in all our car parks until Xmas?

It seems to be fair that for the millions poured into Calderdale (Halifax in reality)'s coffers by local folk shutting down the parking machines across town would redress the imbalance by helping to stimulate visitor numbers.

It would be a good marketing tool to entice people in and remind then that we are open for business.

I read recently that Calderdale/Halifax's brilliant solution to the retail crisis is to expand charges in Tod so I'm not hopeful.

So if we can't have blanket free parking what about all weekend?

Of course, if it is in the pipeline then hats off to Halifax Council.

From Andy M

Sunday, 12 August 2012

But parking is already very cheap in the town. I've heard visitors exclaiming more than once how cheap it was here and everyone says there's a parking problem so it's not exactly putting people off!