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Cuts to council tax benefit

From Susan Press

Friday, 31 August 2012

I would urge everyone concerned about Government proposals to pass administration of Council Tax to local authorities to have their say on the current proposals being put forward by council officers which are now out for consultation.

From April 2013, Council Tax Benefit will be replaced by Council Tax Support, which will be run locally by individual councils across the country.
However, the Government is reducing the amount of money the Council will receive to support residents who are unable to pay council tax by about 10 per cent.

The financial implications for thousands on low-incomes will come as no surprise to anyone after two years of Coalition Government. They are being asked to make up the difference.

Under Government proposals, pensioners will be exempted from the increase. But thousands of others currently exempted will have to chip in.

The Council is currently asking people for their opinions on its proposals for the new scheme and it is important as many contribute as possible so our views are heard and taken on board.

First, the good news - in order to protect people from the worst effects of the government cuts, the Council has set aside enough money to ensure that everyone continues to receive the same level of support in 2013/14.

But in 2014/15 it is proposed that all those of working age with Council Tax liability will have to pay something towards their Council Tax bill.
The Council is also proposing a number of other changes in its new Council Tax Support Scheme, including:

  • Claims for Council Tax support to be paid only from the date the claim is received
  • People receiving Disability Living Allowance will not receive an exemption for other adults living in their household
  • People with more than £3,000 in savings will not receive support and will be asked to pay their full Council Tax liability
  • The minimum level of support that anyone can receive will be £2.00 a week.

People wanting to give the Council their views on the proposed scheme should visit the Council's website and complete the questionnaire not later than Friday, October 5.

From Ruth F

Monday, 17 September 2012

Susan's link didn't work for me; try this:

Would just say as a person with disabilties and £4000 savings but no insurance, and facing the cutbacks when DLA becomes PIP ... this will make a very tight income impossible to live on with any quality of life left, so please do check it out.