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Sporting Legacy

From Michael Coneys

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Well before the Olympic Games and Andy Murray's great victory, Hebden Bridge possessed two derelict tennis courts. When will it change?

From Ron Taylor

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

It probably won't change, Mike, because there is no political will to do anything about the paucity of local sports facilities in the UK. Hebden Bridge is no different in that respect.

I am always impressed when visiting other western European countries to see how communities, often smaller than HB, manage to possess high quality municipally-owned sports complexes catering for all manner of sports.

The situation here is extremely poor and I doubt whether the success of the olympics/paralympics will lead to the kind of change many of us would like to see.

From Mick Piggott

Thursday, 13 September 2012

I can support Ron Taylor's information about superior sports facilities being available in other Western European countries by adding the example of Western Australia, where I lived for 17 years.

In Bridgetown where I lived, which has a population approximately half that of Hebden Bridge, there is a very large and comprehensive public sports facility (I used the gym regularly, my partner attended the various aerobics classes on offer), next door to a beautiful public swimming pool. These were built and are owned by the local council. You don't have to take out expensive membership, but just pay $4 a time (at least, that was up to 2006) - about £2.50.

And our rates were less than half what we pay in council tax!