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From Kerry McQuade & Mike Barrett

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Walking up the hill from the Hebden Bridge Co-op towards Horsehold, many local people will know the footpath which leads to a very special – some would even say sacred - place. It is a natural plateau with a vista over the valley. Two trees create a theatrical 'portal' which frame the view and, because of its elevation, this magical plateau is bathed in a unique quality of light.

Clearly many people recognise the splendour of this space and there are often signs that revellers have partied around a fire. Sometimes the site is left spotless, many times we have removed rubbish and broken glass.

We walked there on Sunday 21st October to discover that a chipboard platform had been nailed to the two portal trees, the wood probably scavenged from a nearby site where an electricity pylon is being stabilised. A large pile of rubbish had been gathered centrally in the clearing.

It is hard to understand how people who clearly appreciate the wonder of this site can desecrate it with their rubbish and potentially destroy it for themselves and others. We are privileged to live in this beautiful valley and it must be our duty to look after its special places.

We intend to visit this site on Saturday 27 October at 10am with a few tools to remove the platform. The rubbish removal will require a vehicle (which we don't have) so we would welcome any help anyone can give. It should only take an hour with a few of us.