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Stand up for the open web!

From Rob Blake

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hi HebWeb / Fellow Hebweb readers,

I notice today that you have a link to "Hebden Bridge in the Snow" that unfortunately leads to a Facebook page.

Although I must admit to owning a Facebook account, it makes no sense to use Facebook for this kind of thing - it just forces people into the arms of yet another big American corporation.

Much better to put the pictures on a blog, on the Hebweb itself, or even on Flickr if necessary. At least Flickr will allow people to view them without signing up for an account.

This might sound churlish, but the open web we all cherish is under serious threat, and we all need to do our bit to make sure that it stays open, and doesn't become a corporate walled garden.

Follow this link below for an interesting read on the subject:


From H Gregg

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Thanks for the link Rob - a very interesting read, especially the 'Hardware is Physical Software' chapter (Apple fans note!).

But I think this is an OK use of Facebook. I don't think HebWeb has the time to set up a blog, link to all relevant Flickr accounts etc. with all the other stuff it does. It is just linking to a page someone else set up.

It's possible to take from FB without giving. Just don't post anything that you don't want passed on and possibly used without your permission, don't post anything that might affect your future and develop a blind eye to the adverts.

Maybe an open source social networking site like Diaspora* will provide an alternative - but I think it may be some time.


From H Gregg

Sunday, 27 January 2013

I take back what I said about alternatives - Diaspora* is up and running and it looks good! If people out there want an alternative to Facebook that won't sell your social life to advertisers then here is where to join.

You can read about it on Wikipedia

Come on be in at the beginning - join up.