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Richard III

From Patsy F

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Is anyone interested in supporting the campaign to bring Richard III's bones to be buried in York Minster? He was very Yorkshire-connected (spent a lot of his youth at Middleham Castle near Wensleydale) and the last of the Plantagenet Kings. It seems more suitable to have him here than in Leicester/shire, which doesn't appear to have much claim to him other than it was where he died in battle.

To help, please connect with the petition.

I hope historians will now start to look closely at his life and begin to prove he wasn't quite the out and out villain the Tudors made him out to be.

Okay, this is not quite the type of local subject normally suggested in this Forum, but it is Yorkshire-connected. Thanks for reading - and apologies to anti-monarchists!

From Eleanor Land

Monday, 11 February 2013

York Minster have said they don't want the body according to media reports. Richard 111 has been in Leicester for over five hundred years and I believe he should stay there. I have to declare an interest as I was born in Leicester and lived there until last year. There has always been a great interest in Richard in Leicester, I remember history lessons devoted to the story of the battle, and trips to the battlefield and other locations where he was thought to have stayed.

it was rather a surprise to learn that when Richard asked for 400 knights from York to support him at Bosworth Field they did not turn up. He was snubbed by York, this would appear to have happened again as York Minster don't want him. The people of Leicester will be very proud to give him a fitting resting place.


From Rev Tony Buglass

Monday, 11 February 2013

He was King of England. Shouldn't he be buried in Westminster Abbey?

From Dai Hallgarth

Monday, 11 February 2013

Richard does not deserve to be reburied in the erstwhile Lancastrian stronghold of Leicester. Nor should he be buried in York Minster. Shortly after Bosworth, the proposed Yorkist rising against Henry VII failed to gain support and in 1486 the new king paraded through York to a tumultuous welcome from the citizens. A year later, York refused entry to Richard's heir apparent signalling the end of any viable Yorkist attempt to overthrow the new Tudor dynasty.

Why not lay Richard III's remains to rest at his birthplace, Fotheringhay, alongside his father, brother and other family members? Richard himself possibly had Middleham or Barnard Castle in mind, having founded colleges there.

From Roger N

Monday, 11 February 2013

Perhaps the Crown should decide?

If not, I'm not convinced York would be the right choice. Fotheringay or Middleham seem more appropriate.

Or how about Sherrif Hutton in North Yorkshire? His 10 year old son Edward is buried there. What could be better than a father put to rest next to his son?

Except of course the exact location of Edward's grave isn't certain. Given Richard's recent unearthing, it makes things rather poignant.

From Andy M

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Just so long as he doesn't get into the food chain..."A horse a horse, my kingdom . . . ."