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Rubbish and re-cycling

From Chris Gray

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Any one having problems with the glass re-cycling collection?

We seem to get no collection unless we call the council and report a missed collection. Then this is the best bit, they send a truck that picks up your box but leaves all the others, even though they had to walk past them to get to ours. Stupid or what! I've heard of personal service but this is pushing it a bit.

From Andy G

Thursday, 6 June 2013

We too have had many problems with the re-cycling collections, but strangely enough not with the glass bottles.

Since moving to our current address the plastic bottle collection has been very hit-and-miss, often not being collected at all. Sometimes the re-cyclers leave the green waste paper bag and other times they take it with them, necessitating a visit to the town hall to pick-up a new one - at some cost to the taxpayer and the environment.

For an area with such allegedly green credentials, I think the Calderdale kerbside re-cycling collection scheme is pretty poor at present. They will not take any plastic items except for bottles, yet if you use extra fuel to take your re-cycling to the depot at Eastwood, the staff there will accept any plastic items, including food trays, yoghurt pots, etc. which have the (1) or (2) re-cycling symbols. However the re-cycling schemes in several adjoining local authority areas will accept all plastic items with symbols (1) (2) (5) and (6).

The last time we went to Eastwood the staff there told me that the Calderdale re-cycling contract was up for renewal soon, so maybe things may improve if SITA lose the contract.

From Jae Campbell

Thursday, 6 June 2013


Saw this yesterday and have been in touch with the Council's Contract Manager with responsibility for the Waste Management contract and he will investigate why there have been problems with Sita's collections. If you'd like to send me your contact details including your addresses I will pass them on so someone can contact you about the situation.

You can email me here and I'm the Council's local Neighbourhood co-ordinator for the area.

From Dave R

Thursday, 6 June 2013

I find the service very good.

We use a sturdy bag for paper (the ones that cost about a £1 from any supemarket) and they always leave it back out for us, they either hang it from the gatepost or put in the empty crate, so I can't fault them.
I also put out all plastic that has the symbols on and they take it. They take clothing too as long as it is bagged and labelled.

I do sort all the recycling and wash it all. Maybe that helps?

From Sara Fitzgerald

Friday, 26 July 2013

Personally I find our so called rubbish collection and re-cycling "service" absolute rubbish. It's a very poor and shoddy replacement for Kerbside and the previous collection service.

They leave rubbish strewn up and down the street, they don't return lids to bins or recycling containers to the right places so you have to go searching for them, sometimes to no avail.

They don't re-cycle anything plastic other than bottles, which is ridiculous, as the majority of household rubbish is plastic , due to ludicrous over packaging.

It's a very poor "service" indeed, and one I resent paying for, as we end up having to take half our rubbish to the tip ourselves. We haven't been issued with wheelie bins and have to keep our bins right outside our houses. (We have no front gardens or yards). This has led to an appalling rat problem that nobody seems able or willing to do anything about.

Bring back Kerbside!

From Sarah Crowley

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I have just called Calderdale Council who informed me that the recycling centre will now be closing on the 19th August for refurbishment for a couple of months. (See HebWeb News)

From Maureen Brian

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I would be fascinated to know which genius in the art of scheduling arranged for the recycling from Machpelah's underdwellings to be collected on a Thursday and then sends the same vast truck - now empty - back the following Wednesday to pick up waste from Machpelah Yard.

It's the rear and upper dwellings of the same building and accessible only from the spot where the truck now parks twice a week.

I wonder where this one got his MBA from?