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From Chistopher Reason

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Those of us living close to the canal are being woken up at all hours by a particularly noisy solitary white duck. I'm no ornithologist - it could conceivably be a goose - but from a quick search on the web it seems to be a 'domestic' duck which suggests to me it might have done a runner from its rightful owner. If said owner gets to read this could s/he come and retrieve it, please, so that I and my neighbours can get a bit of sleep?

Update: I've been informed by someone that know that it's not a psychoduck at all but a psychogoose. (More like a goose impersonating a duck if you ask me.)

Apparently it's a female goose that has been bereaved. Geese are, apparently, monogamous, and - this is the sad part - widowed geese are shunned by the rest of the goose community, ostracised as though they were carriers of goose flu or worse flu.

This still does not solve my problem of it honking/barking/screeching on a regular basis throughout the night. Anyone any ideas? (Goosicide will not be considered.)

From Jack Hughes

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Maybe you could buy yourself a pair of earplugs?

From Pedro de Wit

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

This is a sad story. Luckily it is not impossible for the survivor to find a new partner. However, as with people, every goose is different. Whether or not this goose decides to pursue a new mate involves a number of factors, many of which we don't fully understand. From what I read members of pairs that have been together for many years are probably less likely to take a new mate than had the situation involved a younger pair — but it is still up to the individual bird. Geese are social creatures, and the lone goose will always have a flock to be associated with when he or she chooses to socialize. (Sometimes geese in mourning will stay by themselves.) It is possible that the goose will become a loner, but it depends on the specific goose's "personality." I know it doesn't help you at the moment but this goose will eventually move on both literally and emotionally.