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From Jill Robinson

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Interesting that there is to be a meeting about development in struggling Mytholmroyd. At present, some residents of the village are effectively under curfew from 6pm.

Scout Road is barricaded and likely to remain so for some considerable time; meanwhile New Road is closed to traffic every evening from 6pm to midnight.

This leaves residents of the South side of the village marooned, unable to get out except on foot. Also, businesses such as icecream vans and take-away deliveries cannot get in. (My 7 year old neighbour's son was very disappointed to be denied his evening treat, he heard distant chimes but the icecream van can no longer get near. I saw a takeaway delivery vehicle having to telephone the customer and tell them to come down to the barrier where meals could be handed over.)

There is one way to connect with the main A646. This is via Caldene bridge, under the railway tunnel, and emerging on to Cragg Road. However, there is a warning notice that vehicles over 6 feet high cannot use this route.

The restriction on New Road may be in place for weeks, apparently, although the workmen did assure me that they would not be working on Bank Holiday Monday, so New Road would not be closed that evening, and consequently no need to rush home before 6 pm if planning a day out in campervan or similar vehicle over 6 feet in height.

From J Balmforth

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Could vehicles going up Thrush Hill Road to go under Caldene railway bridge to get to Cragg Road at teatime please be more considerate. At the moment they are so impatient they are driving on the pavement the full length of Thrush Hill Road to get to the bridge, literally taking up the whole width of the pavement.

Pavements are supposed to be for pedestrians to walk on, not for cars to drive on to take a short cut home. Thrush Hill Road is only a narrow road and at teatime now with cars parked down one side and 2 lanes of traffic trying to use what is left it's chaotic.

Anyone trying to walk down to the main road with a pushchair or dog walking etc. can't use the pavement at all at times or the road either because traffic is blocking it all.

From Jill Robinson

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Of course, some people might say that South Mytholmroyd residents will be much fitter as a result of being denied icecreams and takeaways, and being obliged to go everywhere on foot of an evening. However, there could be a detrimental effect on clubs and societies if members cannot reach them (eg unable to walk for health reasons, or travelling from some distance to eg, WI.)

The point is that before any longer-term plan can be put in place, the pressing short-term needs of stranded, and as J Balmforth points out, endangered villagers needs to be urgently addressed.

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