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Disability Awareness

From Dave R

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Yesterday I heard a staff member of a Market Street cafe complaining that customers didn't know that they were open. This was due, she said, to the town council 'banning' pavement advertising using 'A' boards.
Well, I for one, say well done to the Town Council!

'A' Boards have long been proven as obstacles to the visually impaired, those less mobile and wheelchair /pram users who wish to walk on pavements.

Market street was cluttered with such boards from one end to another making it hazardous to negotiate safely.

Whilst I appreciate that businesses need all the help they can get in this current economic climate, many of them do also need to consider those less able. Lights on or doors open signify that a business is open. Or maybe keeping to the advertised opening hours is enough.

From Paul D

Monday, 4 November 2013

I agree completely and took some stick by shopkeepers and the chatterati of Hebweb for daring to point out that this clutter risked injuring the elderly and those less able to vault the rubbish.

Next we may see sense on the vast appropriation of public space by the irritatingly numerous pavement cafes. Who seem, for a small fee, to now own large parts of our town and divert pedestrians around their fenced off patches the size of which often exceed their apparent ability to fill them.

Some shopkeepers seem unable to get it that they really annoy people, many come and go, which brings occasional relief. But I noticed recently that one of our most established, respected and well regarded retailers has no sign above the huge double windows, no boards, just perhaps a hard won reputation and stocking goods one might buy? Some of the rest shout too loud methinks.