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Proposed caravan site in Heptonstall

From Kez Armitage

Thursday, 2 January 2014

A planning application for a 39 pitch caravan site, including office and toilet facilities and associated earthworks, appeared on the Calderdale website over the holiday period.

This application is a change of use from agricultural land, and is situated at the highest point of Smithwell Lane in Heptonstall (i.e beyond Heptonstall J&I School).

I have certain misgivings about a) using agricultural land in this way b) effectively extending the boundaries of Heptonstall into green belt c) the traffic implications through Heptonstall village and Lee Wood Road d) the visibility of this development from so much of the surrounding area and e) the precedent that this would establish on the use of agricultural land in the area.

From Bill S

Friday, 3 January 2014

Many thanks to Kez for publicising this as there appears to be no planning notices around the site, nor in the village. At least there wern't this morning. I'm sure this is just an oversight by Calderdale's Planning Department.

I'm pretty certain the same applicants tried this about 10 years ago, and of course the scheme was rejected.

I too have concerns around the traffic implications. The supporting documents appear to be quite naive in assuming that people will read, never mind follow, written route details rather than just tapping a post code into a sat-nav and becoming stuck on the road just past the post office.

From Kez Armitage

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Here we go again! The application for a 39 pitch caravan site on this highest point in Heptonstall has been resubmitted, having been refused several months ago.

Nobody would deny the need for tourist accommodation but the site in question is, quite simply, inappropriate. It's at the highest point of Heptonstall and would be visible from most high ground in the area. The developers have sneaked this resubmission in just as the holiday season gets underway, presumably in the hope that it won't be met with the 70+ objections from the earlier application.

The danger is that people get tired of objecting, and unfortunately, previous objections carry no weight. But if we do nothing, we totally play into the developer's hands. That's what they're hoping for, and that's exactly what we must not let happen!

This is prime agricultural land on the edge of Heptonstall in, by the Council's own designation, a 'special landscape area'. It is, of course, Green Belt, and the Council are on record as saying that permission will only be given for developments on Green Belt in special circumstances. There is nothing 'special' about this caravan site.

You can comment on the proposal here

From Toby Davies

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Camp sites can be very lucrative and will provide a much needed financial boost for the area. All businesses will benefit. The more camp sites the better I say!

From Dave R

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I fail to see what the sightline of a few caravans is going to do to damage the area.

Look at any coastal resort even NT land and there are rows of caravans lining the cliffs with beautiful outlooks.

The newest housing estate up Heptonstall can be seen across the valley and to me is no more or less obtrusive than caravans, tents, wind turbines etc.

Le Tour showcased our valley to the world, yet you want to prevent people from holidaying here?

We are talking less than 40, say 4 berth caravans, so 160 extra people to shop locally, use the village pubs/shop/tearoom/bistrogarden centre/buses.

What is there to object to?

From Ruth G

Friday, 1 August 2014

I think one of the major objections to the caravan and camping site is traffic. Lee Wood Road isn't very wide, and has a steep drop to one side, and most of the way along a wall on the other side. It isn't very safe to have caravans and camper vans passing along there regularly.

Also pedestrians have to walk on the road most of the way as there is no pavement, and a lot of people do because the walking is easy and the views stunning. Extra traffic and especially caravans and campers increases the risk, as there is barely space at some points for a cars coming from opposite directions to pass a pedestrian safely, even without a caravan in tow.

Also Lee Wood Road was recently closed for several months due to major subsidence, always a risk on a hillside road like this. Encouraging extra traffic along there is a bad idea.

Not to mention the ones that will inevitably take a wrong turn and drive through Heptonstall village - along the cobbled and often single lane main street. There is also Heptonstall primary school along the main road in the village, so kids coming to and from school could be put at risk.

I should add that I am a Heptonstall resident, and although I'm all for camping, I have to say I really think more traffic would be a bad idea, both below and in Heptonstall.