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Christmas tree recycling

From Renny Q

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Help please! Does anyone know where I can recycle my tree? The centre at Eastwood is currently closed…

From Paul Clarke

Saturday, 4 January 2014

I tweeted this very question and in fairness I got a reply from the environmental dept which told me I could go to one of four tips or Ogden Water.

There are no park drop offs which I assume is another pathetic cost cutting measure. Perhaps if Calderdale didn't waste money on a new library in Halifax we don't need they could still offer this much used service

I pointed out the HB tip wasn't open yet which they apologised for.

Now a well run council would understand that a green leaning place like HB would use a one off drop off if they got their act together to run one rather than having take their trees to Sowerby Bridge. No such luck.

it just confirms my view that Calderdale is probably the worst council in the UK.

From Kerry McQuade

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Renny: sorry can't help with where to recycle your tree, but can anyone tell me where I can recycle my Christmas cards - apart from leaving them out for SITA, of course.

From Jon B

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Pretty pathetic of the council to not provide an alternative method of disposing of xmas trees. Perhaps we should arrange a van/ pickup/ flatbed to take alll our trees to the steps of the council office in Halifax and dump them there. Too provocative?

It might make them listen.

From Graham Barker

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Isn’t the best solution to the Christmas tree disposal problem an artificial tree? They’re convenient, user (and pet) friendly, don’t dump needles all over the place, last approximately forever and must be better for the environment. Better for real trees, anyway.

If everyone in Hebden Bridge opted for an artificlal tree, that might just about wipe out the enormous carbon footprint of the one in George Square.

From Myra James

Sunday, 5 January 2014

I'm with Graham. I bought a small artificial tree from Valet Stores for £3.50 probably 20 years ago and am still using it.

From Andy M

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Since we are individually reposible for buying, and choosing to buy, Christmas trees it hardly seems fair to lambast a cash-strapped council for not diposing of them for us - particulalry when there are options i.e. tips. The new libarary, on the other hand, is a public resource.

From Simon B

Friday, 10 January 2014

If your tree has roots then find a nice spot in the woods and plant it, or offer it on freegle for someone to plant in their garden - be sure to climatise it first, it'll be a shock to put it straight from the warmth of your house out into the January cold! This can be done by moving it outdoors or into a porch/outhouse during the day, but protecting it by bringing it indoors when frost is forecast.

Rootless Christmas trees can be placed in bodies of water to provide shelter for fish. However, don't just chuck your tree into the nearest lake or pond you can find! Contact the owner of the pond/lake to get permission.

For Hebdenites one that springs to mind is the damn in Nutclough Woods. Google 'friends of Nutclough Woods' and it brings up some contact details - also, maybe the 'Friends Of' group would be interested to know that at Ogden Water they build a barrier/habitat layer around the edge of the reservoir with the trees that are taken there to be recycled. This would be even 'greener' for people from Hebden, reducing the carbon footprint by negating the need to transport the trees all the way to Ogden Water!

As already stated though, the greener option is an artificial one. Without lights too, so you're not burning electricity. and to make it more 'Hedbeny' you could make decorations by wrapping some quorn and tofu in tinfoil and suspend them from the branches with threads recycled from your old worn out tie-dye t-shirts.