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Adult Autism Support Group

From Ruth Lavender

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Following my article in Hebden Bridge Matters magazine which is now out: I am aiming to start a social, support and action group for autistic adults (including Aspergers) in the Upper Valleys, initially based in Hebden Bridge. I am interested in input from anyone at any "level" on the autism spectrum, and will try to accommodate as many communication and other needs as possible.

I am on the autism spectrum myself, and the idea of the group is that it will be both by and for autistic people, something done by us not to us.

I am particularly looking for anyone on spectrum, or sympathetic to our ways of doing things, who can help with the practical sides of organising the group - things like phone calls, arranging a venue, and eventually funding.

Please pass on this information to anyone you know who is or may be on the autism spectrum, diagnosed or not, and hopefully we can get a meeting together within the next couple of months.

2017 Update: group no longer eixsts