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Postcard from Palestine

From Ron Taylor

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I know some people read my Postcards from Palestine - not many I suspect but a few at least. A number of locals have also made cash donations which I have forwarded to Ta'ayush (the Arab-Jewish Partnership) or put in their hands when I have been in Israel/Palestine.

In recent 'postcards' I have written about the attempts by the Israeli military, police and settlers in the part of the West Bank known as the South Hebron Hills to suppress the work of Ta'ayush.

The situation is getting worse. I received this video of a vicious attack last Saturday on an activist by a group of settlers.

The person being attacked, Danny, is an Israeli Jew, a very good friend and a great human being. He was accompanying Palestinian shepherds on their own land - shepherds who are often prevented from grazing their flocks by these same settlers. Please watch.

From Mike Elder

Saturday, 15 February 2014

I am in total sympathy with Ron. I just wish more people would open their their minds & understand that "anti-Israel" is not "anti-semite". The state of Israel & its policies towards the Arab peoples of Palestine is unforgiveable from any moral & humanitarian standpoint. My only problem is, like that of many, "how is it to be combatted"?

As long as the UK & the USA (amongst others) continue to support Israel & use that country as a "test-bed" for their new military technology & as a bolster against the imaginary Islamic "threat" there is no solution save endless conflict.

From M Stewart

Monday, 17 February 2014

You are right, Mike. But there is one thing that anyone can do and that is to boycott Israeli goods whether they are produced in the settlements or in Israel itself. One of the ways in which apartheid South Africa came to an end was the boycott.

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