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Minibus Network changes

From Dave Wilson

Thursday, 6 March 2014

As you are aware a revised Hebden Bridge Minibus Network was introduced on 26th January 2014. We have been receiving a steady stream of positive responses to the changes. People like new buses, clean buses, friendly drivers, lower fares and on the whole the new routes. The evidence of this is that in the fourth week passenger numbers have grown by 17% over the first week.

Notwithstanding this very positive response and impressive passenger growth, a number of issues have been raised as a result of the changes and we are making some amends to the timetable from 27th April.

Service 595 (Hebden Bridge – Dodd Naze – Old Town – Crimsworth)

  • Revision of service 595 Monday -Saturday pm after 19:30 and Sunday pm after 18:30 to reinstate a service at these times via Keighley Road. All journeys will operate in the form of an anti-clockwise `loop' via Dodd Naze, Old Town, Pecket Well, Crimsworth and Keighley Road as Service 594, in effect reinstating the B service that ran weekday evenings until April 2013.
  • 06:21 (Mon-Fri) Service 595 from Crimsworth Turning Circle to start 06:25 at jct Keighley Road/Akroyd Lane – to compensate for earlier start on 596 (explained below).

Service 596 (Hebden Bridge – Heptonstall – Blackshaw Head)

  • All journey times on Service 596 will be amended by adding 2 minutes between Heptonstall and Blackshaw Head and removing 2 minutes between Heptonstall and Hebden Bridge
  • 06:35 (Monday - Friday) 596 from Blackshaw Head to run 10 minutes earlier throughout – meets requests to connect with 06:52 Manchester train.
  • 596 to be registered as hail & ride on High Court, Slack as requested.

Service 597 (Hebden Bridge – Mytholmroyd – Banksfield – Nest Estate)

  • Unfortunately the service will be withdrawn from Elphin Court on the grounds of road safety.

We have recently updated Metro's Hebden Bridge website page to include this information plus new timetables and will continue to amend this page as necessary.

Metro is currently working on a campaign to encourage local businesses to become "pro-public transport" and demonstrate that they are "supporting Hebden Bridge bus services". We have just written to local businesses throughout the area. Details have also been put on the Hebden Bridge website page.

Please can you bring this campaign to the attention of any local businesses which you think may be interested (we have an extensive but not fully comprehensive list of businesses).

From Jenny B

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Good to see that passengers are listened to and views taken on board.
I have noticed a definite increase in passengers, especially at peak times. I hope it continues. We are once again, glad to have a good bus service in the valley.

From Julie C

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The latest changes/updates to the Old Town route don't look to me as if they sort the Keighley Road problem. They are I think re-instating the B anti-clockwise route on an evening after the end of the 500 service. That seems to mean that you could only get up to Nutclough /Hurst /Midgehole Rd, on the downward trip, so first going Station /Commercial Street /Dodnaze /Old Town /Pecket /Crimsworth and getting off on the side of the road with no pavement as the bus heads downhill again to Hebden.

Would you want to get home this way after a long train journey or an evening event in Hebden? Maybe I have misunderstood, or perhaps it is so they can say they are offering a service to that part of town and it's our fault if we don't use it!

Why not go back to the alternate A and B routes in the evening, therefore taking it in turns for the hilltops and Dodnaze to get the bus but coming on the opposite sides of the same triangle, that way everyone gets a share of the more direct routes home. Sorry if this is all a bit esoteric for non bus passengers, but when you depend on the bus, it makes a huge difference to your life.