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Litter on cuckoo steps

From Catherine Shaw

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Whoever is leaving their litter on the Cuckoo Steps please stop.

My children and I use the Cuckoo Steps (stoney Lane between Heptonstall Road and Market Street) every day to walk to and from school and somebody is bagging up their litter in carrier bags and tying it the rails.

The litter is getting increasingly messy and is probably attracting rats and other pesky critters, as well as spreading germs and disease. Who is responsible for cleaning it up? This is public pathway (as far as I know) and is used by many people.

Please just use litter bins and clean up your mess, thank you.

CM Shaw

From Vikki Uttley

Friday, 21 March 2014

Re litter on cuckoo steps, we/neighbours using the steps down the side of Old Gate pub from Garnett Street to pet shop level, used to trawl down the steps through waste oil, stagnant water, old pasta, lemons, onion skins all thrown out of kitchen door. I half expected Henry VIII to start throwing his chicken bones out. The final straw was flour on the hand rail. Public right of way, speak to Mr Farnell and his team at Environmental Health, they got it cleaned up... wonderful people it's much cleaner, just a surfeit of fag ends.

From G Golden

Saturday, 22 March 2014

I may be wrong but I think someone ill advisedly has put a carrier bag on the rails to enable people to deposit dog poo bags, as many dog walkers use the route.

Inevitably people have put all manner of rubbish in the bag including food and it has been torn up and cast around the ground by animals , creating a revolting mess.

Hopefully this won't happen again.