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Anti-social parties

From Graham Barker

Sunday, 18 May 2014

From around 9.00 pm on Friday until 1.30 on Saturday morning there was a party playing extremely loud music in the Nutclough area. (I know the exact address but let's leave it loose for the time being.) I was elsewhere so didn't have to suffer it but my family and neighbours did. I'm told it was impossible to hold normal conversations in houses nearby.

Why this deliberate noise nuisance was allowed to carry on as long as it did I don't know. But if anyone planning a similar outdoor event over summer is reading this, I'd like to point out that while you may have a great time ingratiating yourself with your friends, you will inflict misery on many of your neighbours. Your 'only a bit of a laugh' will be someone else's living hell.

Let's forget all this 24-hour society so anything goes nonsense. The night is still the time most people want and need and deserve to sleep peacefully.

From Paul Clarke

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Couldn't agree more with Graham and the unique geography of the valley only makes noise worse.

Like Graham I'm not a killjoy but what would we consider a decent time to take it inside? For me 11pm at the very, very latest.

Of course, the type of people who make this sort of selfish row would never think of that and tell anyone complaining they should 'lighten up maaaan.'

Did anyone complain to the police? Perhaps instead of empty platitudes the local inspector could respond on here and tell us:

a) was this brought to their attention?

b) what is the attitude of the local police to this sort of selfish behaviour?

Well done Graham for bringing this up despite the storm of 'lighten up maaaan' comments he/we will no doubt receive from serial anti-social offenders as this is only going to get worse as the weather improves.

From Martin F

Monday, 19 May 2014

Some years ago I had a next-door neighbour who kept me and my neighbours up to the early hours with his amazingly loud music - not a party, just a very drunk moron.

One morning, after having been kept awake until 3 am, I decided to retaliate and gave him a blastingly loud Best of Led Zeppelin wake up call at 5 am (speaker one inch from our party-wall).

He never did it again!

From Denise F

Friday, 30 May 2014

People have parties from time to time on Nutclough and they're generally really good fun - If neighbours had parties every single weekend that would become a little irratating but occassionally it's great people are letting their hair down. The noise doesnt particularly bother me and if it's only now and again - live and let live !