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From Mo Norwood

Monday, 23 June 2014

OK, I get some of the northern-shift economic arguments, but is it really necessary to move earth for tunnels and change landscapes and affect wildlife because people are so important they need to be somehwere else so quickly that they can't just look at the scenery or read their newspapers for an extra 25 minutes?

From N Wilcock

Monday, 23 June 2014

I very much doubt HS2 will be built let alone a HS3. Seems more of a PR stunt with a General Election coming next year. If they do happen to win it will be quietly forgotten about like the rest of the promises they all make before an election.

Cameron and Osborne want to try using the clapped out carriages on the Manchester to Leeds via Dewsbury line locals have to use round here and replace them and making it better for the majority of people before coming up with these daft ideas.

When I stand on the overhead gantry at Leeds Station I only have to look around below me to find which is the train I will be travelling home on I don't need a announcer or sign to tell me.

From Martin F

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

In my utter boredom at listening to more 'promises' by politicians I may have missed some essential information, but has anyone ever said why shaving 20-odd minutes off a journey to, e.g., Leeds or Manchester (assuming that journey is not delayed or cancelled) will suddenly invigorate the North?

From Phil M

Friday, 27 June 2014

Content: I really hope it does happen for several reasons, Mainly to try and take some of the pressure off the roads which has an environmental and social benefit.

The argument that is would be detrimental to nature I'm not sure about, as it would lower car usage and therefore pollution but also a railway running through the country has a rich and diverse area along each side of it, devioid of humans and therefore open to naturalisation.. kind of a wildlife corridor if you will.

Making the different ends of the country easier to get to will be useful for business and pleasure, if done correctly...