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Fracking risk to the South Pennines

From Nina Smith

Monday, 16 June 2014

The Government's go-ahead today for fracking applications places our countryside at serious risk. Although the Government has made fracking more difficult in National Parks and Areas of Natural Beauty (AONBs), the South Pennines is neither. What people's views of fracking in general, I urge all those who care about our landscape and countryside to write to Craig Whittaker MP and to the new Environment Secretary Liz Truss, asking for the South Pennines to be designated an AONB. As Ms Truss was the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for the Calder Valley in 2005, hopefully she knows the beauty and importance of our area.

From Eleanor Land

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A Tory MP was on TV last night having a discussion with an anti-fracking person, she asked him what "exceptional circumstances" meant with regard to fracking in National Parks. If fracking made more money than tourism, would that be an exceptional circumstance, his answer was yes and that in that scenario fracking would take precedence.

I think that tells us that for the Tory Party making money is more important than protecting our countryside and our heritage.

The problem for people like me who are anti fracking is that the 3 main political parties appear to have the same policy with regard this subject.


From Katie Morag

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

But not the Green Party! On so many issues it is only the Green Party who have a sensible holistic sustainable policy. Its time to stop looking to 'the 3 main parties' for anything other than the same old self interested politics.