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Mytholmroyd Gala

From Lauren Parker

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Any news on the distribution of funds from this years Gala/Tour de France "event"?

This time last year the committee had been extremely transparent and had revealed their profits then started to distribute monies back into the local community.

Rumours abound this year of bad organisation and poor management by a lacklustre team coupled with a refusal to let any newcomers know when the meetings are being held and which make for a confusing situation.

Many volunteers and local businesses, groups and individuals gave up their time to help this year when with all the extra tourism by the TDF should have made for a bumper year. After around ten thousand was distributed last year (by a different committee).

Hope I'm wrong but some clarity on the situation would help.

From Mytholmroyd Gala Committee

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Lauren's remarks emanate from false rumours & gossip - some clarification below:

  • June 2013 the Gala Committee decided to hold a special weekend long Event in 2014 – early July 2013 the field was booked for two days to coincide with the Tour de France.
  • The 2013 Gala Chairman resigned December 2013. Eight more members quit between December and June.
  • There have been three new Committee members since Gala 2013, with no other applications to join.
  • At meetings in December and January the Committee members confirmed support for the special weekend long Event. In subsequent months several members failed to deliver their agreed objectives, leaving the other members to perform their tasks.
  • The remaining active members contributed enormous time and effort to plan and manage the Gala Event, with the support of Burnley Road PTFA and members' friends and children – they were certainly not lacklustre, demonstrating tremendous perseverance and dedication.
  • This special weekend Gala Event required vastly more preparation than the usual afternoon Gala – including compliance with much more stringent Council and statutory requirements and provision of the extended entertainment schedule and associated infrastructure – with corresponding huge extra cost. The Gala Event was successfully achieved – on time, safely and significantly under the approved budget – which is not an indication of poor management.
  • Revenue from tickets was much less than anticipated when the Event was conceived and planned. The competition from the Hebden Bridge Hub had an enormous negative financial impact on Gala income, as it did various pubs and other businesses in Hebden Bridge. This was not envisaged during the planning stage – no details about this Hub event were released until it was too late for the Gala Committee to change the Gala format. Even late May 2014 a local Councillor emailed the Committee stating he knew nothing about any such event in Hebden Bridge and there would only be camping in the park.
  • The Committee donated £2,600 (not £10,000) to local societies and schools. The first cheque was presented early October 2013.
  • Preparation for 2015 Gala will start in October - applicants are being invited for specific roles.
  • More information is available from the Committee and on the Gala facebook page.