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Northern Rail

From Susi Harris

Monday, 24 November 2014

They were doing some sort of consultation when I went to the station on Friday, hopefully still there tomorrow - suggest people go and make their views known! I said they needed an extra carriage on every train, powerpoints and wifi.

I also said they need recycling at HB station (like they have at Dewsbury station) but I was assured the HB rubbish gets sent to a waste sorting cente and is recycled there - good news!

From Ben Plumpton

Friday, 5 December 2014

Darn it, I missed that consultation. Agree entirely with Susi. But I would dearly love the chance to tell them what I think of their new station announcements:

  • Posh woman's voice who can't pronounce the names of places properly;
  • Silly child's voice doing pointless H&S announcements (mildly surprising and amusing the first time you hear them, highly irritating the 100th time. Actually, I wasn't planning on falling or slipping…);
  • Horribly jolly "Smile, you're on camera" announcement.
    I wish we could have the old announcements back – someone with a local accent announcing things reasonably sensibly.

I tweeted Northern Rail about this, and they said "Thank you for the feedback on the safety announcements we are currently collecting peoples views on these".

So please anyone else with views on this feed back to them. I'm not sure how you're meant to do that, but they do respond very quickly to tweets @northernrailorg I looked on their website for some sort of consultation but couldn't find anything, maybe they are just counting how many complaints they get? Their contact form is here

Not the most important thing in the world I know, but an unnecessary irritation twice a day!