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Heavenly Hebden

From Andrew D

Sunday, 25 January 2015

I think we get used to really good stuff coming in to town through the Trades but even by the usual standards the Heavenly weekend festival has been great. Amazing value 4 days passes, a wealth of really high class acts across all sorts of genres and a great atmosphere.

You could see the hard work of the Trades staff and I guess they will be having a good rest tomorrow.

It looked like it brought some new visitors to town out of season as well so I imagine local businesses benefited. A great weekend. Thanks to everyone involved, I hope this is the first of many special weekenders - the All Tomorrows Parties of the north!

From Andy C

Monday, 26 January 2015

I second those emotions. I've always thought of the trades as a little piece of heaven on earth anyway, but I add my thanks to all down there who keep it happening. We are blessed.

From Paul Clarke

Monday, 26 January 2015

As a Trades Trustee can I thank Andy and Andrew for their kind words.

It was a special weekend that not only raised the club's profile with some very serious players in the music industry, but that of the town too.

But it was a team effort from everyone at the club with our brilliant bar staff and sound team pulling out all the stops during four days of music, film and chat with hardly a moment when something wasn't going on.

Thanks also to all the volunteers who gave their time and talents freely to keep the show on the road with no significant hitch all weekend.

The weekend did attract people from all the UK to see some one off gigs and meet their heroes. Two people actually flew in from Chicago for the Jimi Goodwin gig!!

Even better, many of those people stayed overnight and wandered round town between gigs spending money. I spotted one woman going into the Mark Lanegan talk clutching a full Oxfam bag. The club is proud that we can help pump money into the local economy so everyone wins.

Thanks as well to the folk from the Little Theatre who opened their doors to some events and provided somewhere for the artists to get changed and relax. Like us they rely on volunteers, but as ever they were the consummate professionals, and so helpful in every way. It was noticed by all the acts and the Heavenly team.

The Heavenly crew were all really nice people and all the acts had a wander round town. Many have tweeted how special our town is and they are right. Even better every act really rose to the occasion to help their label celebrate its 25th birthday and there wasn't a duff show all weekend.

But most of all thanks as ever to all our local supporters who turned out in droves and made every gig a sell out. It's nice to have guests but even better to put something special on for our friends who live here.