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Walling on Mayroyd Lane

From Steve Mackay and Richard Easton

Thursday, 26 February 2015

We have lived at Mayroyd Mill House since 1996. Until spring last year with a beautiful view of the canal from our kitchen window. Then last spring without warning, a rather ugly fence arrived.

The River and Canal trust were contacted and I was put through to someone who had supposedly organised it. I had wanted to merely remonstrate about the mess left behind and most of all about the lack of consultation but this person told me that it had been errected for health and safety reasons for the extra footfall during Le Tour and that he was happy to remove it once that was over.

I accepted his offer and waited four weeks after the race before phoning again. This time no one had an answer for me or could tell me who had promised to take it down. Eventually I let it go.

Tonight arriviedhome to find fence gone and dry stone wall being built. Again no consultation no information. Apparently this is a volunteer project helping would be dry stone wallers... But this is outside my front door has created a horrible mess and will leave us gazing onto a not very well built stone corridor. We are amazed by the lack of consideration and courtesy and want it stopped immediately.

From Steve Mackay and Richard Easton

Friday, 27 February 2015

It took one of us to go to work late in order to speak to those involved, but compromise at least for now has been reached and the wall has reached a height that does the job the canal and river trust want without blocking either our own or our neighbours view. They all understood the problem and promised consultation in future.