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Moyles and Shops

From Jenny B

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

As a diversion from all the politics on here, does anyone know for sure what Moyles is to be? Work seems to be going on in earnest but to convert to what?

I hear that Harold Crabtress is to become a bathroom store (a chain at that!). Why no gnashing of teeth, public protest and outcry of SOS? Is it because no one from Hebden actually shopped there? I have never been in the shop, could never warrant buying their over-priced but pretty shoes or David Cameron style shirts and sweaters.

But why the silence? The Italian that was the posh chippy? What is to be one of that? This silence and apathy around potentially huge changes to our town of little shops is just soooooo not Hebden Bridge.

From Dave R

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I heard that The Vine was to become a branch of a chain opticians but not sure how true this is. Also that HC's is to become a bathroom store - again a chain.

I am also a bit puzzled at the lack of objections to the introduction of 'Anytown' type shops into Hebden.

Personally I would rather see shops used than closed and boarded up, but can't see me using either of these proposed stores.

From Jake Wiliams

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Wouldn't it be fabulous if Moyles was being turned into a Wetherspoons? Or the Hole in the Wall too? Nat West bank will no doubt be turned into something funky I hope. We need chain shops in order to bring extra bodies into the town which will therefore benefit local independent shops. I am going to contact Wetherspoons to suggest Hebden as a new venture. Look how well it has done in Todmorden.