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Swimming Pool Development

From Martin Wilkinson

Monday, 13 April 2015

Guess what? Another six months have slipped by since the last tranche of news.

I exchanged messages with a member of the swimming pool development committee a couple of weeks ago. It seems a further setback has been encountered on the basis of the affordability of the tender received from Marshall Construction and some further value engineering has now taken place.

Whilst appreciating such things happen I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing that regular updates be provided from those responsible for the project delivery.

From Myra James

Friday, 17 April 2015

You're not alone Martin. I agree that we deserve more frequent updates on progress, especially as members of the public have been encouraged to contribute to the fund and must be wondering if their money is ever going to be put to its intended purpose. The last news I recall seeing was an article in HB Times several months ago which indicated that a start to construction was imminent. I've checked the Community Centre website and can see no information there. I hope someone might tell us how long the latest delay is likely to be.

From Judy Lower

Saturday, 27 June 2015

We had two conflicting messages last week. One that it would definitely be built this year and a second that it would never be built
Questions I think we should ask.

  1. Is the swimming pool going ahead or not?
  2. How much had been spent on architects. estimates etc?.
  3. Were the plans too ambitious?.
  4. If it is not going ahead what is happening to the £866,000 that is left?
  5. Why after publicity for money are the public not kept informed?
  6. Has the time come when we should all go down with our spades, start digging , and inform the media, that after 100 years we have waited long enough.

From Alan Eege

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

There is an update on this via the "Mytholmroyd Community Centre" Facebook page. iIf anyone can cut and paste the article it should answer some questions

From Martin Wilkinson

Friday, 10 July 2015

As forum users have requested, the following is an update as posted on the Mytholmroyd Community Centre FB Page on 01/07/15. It seems that the committee is only looking to existing users of the Community Centre to assist with the pool development and join the Committee - surely it would make sense for this to be a broader appeal to the professions of Hebden Bridge (particularly those from construction, commerical, fund raising and facilities management backgrounds) who may feel they can help?

Swimming pool update : when we held the public presentation for the proposed swimming pool and leisure development at Mytholmroyd Community Centre in March 2013, we were assured that building work would start in May 2013 and the project would be completed in 2014.

Unfortunately, the cost escalated well in excess of our budget of £1.2/3 million and finally reached £1.99 million . Since then , we have been negotiating with various contractors . Thomas Jagger Ltd have now designed a scheme within our budget and we hope work will start within the next few months.

The committee are very concerned that it is now 3 years since we announced the proposed development and feel we owe the community an explanation as to why it has taken so long . They are also very appreciative of all the local community who have and still are making contributions to the project . We still need to raise £300,000 but are confident we will be able to borrow this shortfall.

There are a considerable number of professional and qualified people who use the centre every week . We would be extremely pleased if they would be willing to give advice , or join the committee , to make sure that after 117 years the project comes to a satisfactory conclusion.

If you are able to help please contact Julie Wilby or Debbie Robinson at the Community Centre or email mcajulie@yahoo.com or Richard Marshall at richmaur@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you once again for your continued support .

From Judy Lower

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A small community swimming pool run in conjunction with the Community centre would definitely bring more business in to Mytholmroyd. If anyone has expertise in the building industry or contract negotiation, to help get it built, I am sure the committee would be grateful.

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