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Hebden Bridge Crown Green Bowls Club

From Robert Goodfellow

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Dear Sirs and Madames of Hebden Bridge and further afield.
As you may or may not know the Crown Green Bowls club house established in 1898 and located in Lea woods down the aptly named midgehole, is falling into disrepair.

Vandals, young scallywags and the environmentally disaffected dog walkers have all taken its toll on what I feel is a gem of the Hebden landscape.

Alas, its members are now forced to play on the distant fields of Todmorden, leaving its future rather unclear.

I don't bowl, perhaps I should. However, I prefer gardening and was blessed two years back with an allotment situated right in front of the green. You probably know it as the weird little place with the ever changing hobbit house on it. Any road, I am a member of the club and feel that if we lost it, we would loose another piece of our local heritage and cultural provenance. As an outsider, I was just wondering what the locals thought and perhaps any ideas on how to save it.
All the best

From Josephine Hartley

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

How about leafleting the houses on Lee Mill Road for a start perhaps suggesting a meeting and to see if there would be any interest in helping to save the clubhouse. We had a terrific response when my next door neighbour and I suggested doing something about repairing the road, so it might be worth a try.