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Craig Whittaker's Climate Change snub

From Anne H

Sunday, 21 June 2015

It's quite shameful that our MP should behave in this way - see the article on HebWeb News.

MPs have known about this important lobby for weeks/months and around 300 of them found time to meet their constituents on the day. Needless to say Craig Whittaker didn't. Clearly, climate change is a low priority for him. But it is equally clear that it is a high priority for many of his constituents - I think I'm right in saying we collected around 100 messages from individuals, companies and groups + 30 messages displayed on bunting.

This contempt for his constituents' views is worrying for all his constituents, not just those who feel strongly about climate change.

I think that he has given up on a significant group of his constituents. If he thinks they are all Hebden Bridge, alternative types who are opposed to everything he stands for (and didn't vote for him) he would be very wrong! The desire for government to act urgently on Climate Change is equally strong in many local businesses, faith groups, local government, and Calderdale Energy Future - as he would have discovered if he had agreed to meet us and received the messages.

From Andy M

Monday, 22 June 2015

I think it would, be reasonable in the circumstances to ask our MP if there is a conflict between his own possible disinterest in climate change and his chosen religion's stance on climate change and other environmental issues!

Quote from the Mormon Environmental Stewardship Alliance's mission statement:

'We believe that we are entitled to enjoy the bounties of nature so long as we do not impair her capacity for self-renewal or disregard the welfare of others.

We believe that our stewardship responsibility requires us to engage in political action on behalf of the Creation, relying on the best science of the day as our guide.'

From Ian M

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

I fail to see what Craig's chosen religion has to do with anything at all?
Surely that is a private personal matter for Craig and his beliefs should be treated as such and not used for political commentary!

From Andy M

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

I think that if the elected representative of our area has a religion that includes, amongst other things, the belief that LGBT people should not act on their 'attractions' then its very relevant!

And I'm disappointed he's not engaging in political action on behalf of the Creation, relying on the best science of the day as his guide :-(

From Anne H

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

I agree with Ian that our MP's religion is not relevant in this case. There are people from all different faiths - and none - who support action against climate change and those who are either indifferent or deny it's even happening.

Just because the Mormon Environmental Stewardship Alliance has made a statement about stewardship and relying on 'best science' doesn't mean that all Mormons live by this statement. Where would we be if all Catholics lived strictly according to their faith? Vastly over-populated, but that's a discussion for another thread!

All the major scriptures were written before we understood about climate change so - at best - any guidance from the clergy is based on a loose interpretation of those scriptures with a very big dose of a feeling for what is the right thing to do in today's world.

Personally, I can't understand anyone thinking that the right thing to do is to continue using up fossil fuels that pollute and destabilise our environment. That's why I'm so disappointed in Craig Whittaker, and not because of his alleged religious views.

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