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Wildfire Risk

From Julie C

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Speaker at the Ward Forum presenting on the local Uplands - warned us of the danger right now of destructive Wildfires on the Tops. Please take extra care up there, and if you see any quad bikers or motorbikes on the Moor get onto the police right away.

Good to see a photo of an area that has been restored to become a nice green boggy spot, not blanket bog yet but heading that way. Devastating to be up there and see other large areas that are overdrained, bone dry and pretty lifeless.

An interesting suggestion too from Treesponsibility that rather than seasonal burning, tall heather can be cut, chipped and used to help build up water retention and peat protection during restoration - (the tall old dry heather creates extra risk by providing ample fuel during Wildfires).