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Acre Mill Campsite

From Andrew B

Sunday, 20 September 2015

I read with interest the article regarding the proposed camp site at Acre Mill.

What I found particularly odd was the arguments re flooding, houses slightly further on the road flooded, they are in a 'dip' which is why the run off affected them.

Access wouldn't be a problem as there is already a campsite further up the road at Nook Farm, cars towing caravans quite easily manage to navigate Pecket Bar, as double decker buses did for many years.

I'll be emailing the club with my support for the application, the existing site is often full and booked long in advance, if we can bring people to the area that can only be a positive thing for local businesses.

From Dave R

Monday, 21 September 2015

A camp-site at Acre Mill?

Points I shall submit to the relevant persons:

  • I assume that soil tests have been carried out and that they show 'safe' levels of asbestos.
  • The old canteen building which was part of Acre Mill, has already been converted into housing with gardens, so I assume they have safe levels.
  • There is a small touring site just around the sharp bend with narrow access, that holds around 5-6 mobile homes, and caravans so the access to this flat level site, would not seem to be a problem.
  • Buses run frequently -2 an hour, so the holidaymakers could use public transport to get about.
  • The local shop and pub would probably appreciate the extra seasonal trade.
  • The flood risk - when did the proposed site flood? To my knowledge it never has.
  • Sensitivity - I lost a close relative to asbestosis, contracted at Acre Mill. I would rather see the site used for something such as the proposal, which would give life to the site, than see it in its current barren state. The site is surrounded by trees and fields so 5 or 6 caravans would hardly detract from this (unlike the mass of windmills sprouting up on every landscape in the area).

I rather think Mrs Battye has not really done her homework on this. Ask those who have lost relatives to the dreadful disease what they think? I expect many would like the site to be used.