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Closure of Calderdale A&E

From Susi Harris

Thursday, 22 October 2015

I am deeply concerned at plans by the Calderdale and Huddersfield foundation trust to close down the Calderdale A&E department as an interim measure - see Courier report

The trust apparently say the reason is because they cannot recruit sufficient staff to keep it safe. However

a) their full report also cites 'non-compliance with seven day services'

b) they have hire Ernst and Young to draw up a 5 year plan to keep the trust viable - this will not be cheap!

When you hear the government talk about having services accessible 7 days a week did you envisage that whole hospital departments would close down in order to staff it? Does that make sense to you, as a patient needing emergency care, that you can get it at any time but you will have to travel twice as far? Especially when A&E departments are already run on a watertight 24/7 system - they are not the ones that are not compliant with 7 day working!

When someone is worried about a financial black hole in their organisation does it make sense to hire some of the most expensive management consultants in the land to fix it?

Reorganisation of Calderdale and Huddersfield A&E departments in favour of Huddersfield was first mooted a couple of years ago and at that time the blow was softened by the promise of urgent care centres in Todmorden and Halifax.

But this latest plan contains no such sweeteners. the people of Hebden Bridge will be 28-50 minutes away from their nearest A&E. (depending on traffic). From Todmorden 40-45 minutes either to Huddersfield (via M62) or to Blackburn (there is no A&E at Burnley now, just an urgent care centre). And this is being done in the name of safety????

From Eleanor Land

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The silence of our MP on this subject has been notable, if not predictable. If he has a heart attack he lives near Huddersfield and will stand a far better chance of survival than his constituents at the upper end of the valley, who will have to dodge the endless roadworks/queues to get to an A & E.

This is his chance to really represent the interests of his community, but up to date his contribution has been pathetic.

Perhaps he could take a little time out of his busy schedule filling in his expenses forms and do something really useful for Calderdale, i.e. make sure he does everything he can to keep our A & E open.

From Veronica Roberts

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Very worrying time,it does now seem this is going to happen, and those living in the Upper Valley will have to be transported to Huddersfield. I think the A&E at Halifax will just deal with non urgent cases. Huddersfield will no doubt become overrun, and I could envisage cases having to go even further a field, to Leeds etc.

From Vivienne H

Friday, 23 October 2015

I went to the "consultation" meetings last year, where it became apparent that whatever was said in the public forum would make no difference to a decision which had already been taken.

Subsequently, I wrote to our MP.

Mr. Whittaker made it plain that he had no intention of intervening to keep Halifax A&E open. I had the impression that his preferred option would be for us to be sent to Leeds. Presumably, some of our inconvenient elderly, and other tiresome sick people, will shuffle off the mortal coil en route, and thus not require any further attention from the State.

If other people are as indignant about this as I am, perhaps we could think about directing some creative collective attention to the problem?

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