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Climate change march London 29th Nov

From Ben Plumpton

Monday, 23 November 2015

Does anyone know if there's a coach from Calder Valley going down to the big demo in London next Sunday? There's transport from Leeds but you have to be there by 7 am which is not possible by public transport.

From Anthony Rae

Monday, 30 November 2015

If you didn't get to a march over the weekend you still have opportunity to find out more about the issues being negotiated in Paris, and show your commitment to tackling climate change.

Calderdale Friends of the Earth are hosting a 'climate drop-in at Halifax Minster' on Saturday 5th December between 10-2pm right in the middle of the critical global climate change negotiations (30th November-11th December) to help people understand what exactly is going on. Will there be a world agreement to limit the carbon emissions destabilising our climate into the danger zone? Will it be strong enough? And fair enough? What's the connection between what happens in Paris and our lives locally?

There are lots of speakers and topics: the provisional programme is here and our Facebook page here. We'll answer your questions and you can join in the discussion. And we'll tell you about our campaign priority for 'after Paris': supporting divestment from fossil fuels. Just drop-in any time between 10am-2pm for a chat and a cup of coffee; it's quite informal.

And a specific request to Hebden area residents or businesses. At 12.15pm we have a slot called 'Calderdale under Water: what's it like to be flooded'. If you'd like to come along and tell your personal story, just for a couple of minutes, that would be a great contribution to the event. Just contact me on ar@anthonyrae.com.


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