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Market relocation

From Jim Brierley

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Has/is the above plan been discussed yet? If not, what does everyone think/ know about it?

From Kevin S

Sunday, 20 December 2015

The market should be moved, yes, immediately out of the car park but not into another car park, We need all the car parks available for parking.

The marina would be a good location. Someone once organised a market on there and it was good. People would see it when passing and there is lots of space at the moment. The marina area is unused. Or the pedestrian area.

From Tim B

Monday, 21 December 2015

The marina would be a very poor place for a market, having to cross the main road would put people off, and separate the market from the main shopping area. There is little room for expansion. Lees Yard, spilling out into St. Georges Square is a reasonable suggestion.

However, I feel that moving the market off Valley Road will give more credence to building a supermarket on the old fire station site.

From Jim Brierley

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Problems that don't seem to have been addressed:

The proposed location (Lees Yard) is small, dark and difficult to access for loading/unloading. There is no water, power or sewage as far as I know. There are currently 40 stalls, - how is reducing to 34 improving the market? The proposed new stalls are smaller than the 10 foot ones we currently have, also they are shallower and as far as I can see, not capable of being set up as conjoined multiple stalls e.g. for the greengrocers, household goods stall etc. as well as being able to spread out a bit particularly on the Flea Market.

The published plan seems to be very cramped in layout both for stallholders and public.

In addition, adding display space would be out of the question - e.g. extra tables, loose items of furniture etc. Re: consultation, and bearing in mind all of the above points raised, how did we get to where we are without an open public debate?

As a sometime trader myself, I am suspicious both of the motivation and methods being employed, as well as the short timescale. It seems to me that parking spaces are more important to some people than the continuation of the traditional market. I fear from consulting other stallholders both Wed. and Thurs. that the proposed changes will lead to many established traders going elsewhere.

From Steve Sweeney

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Hi Jim, for information the subject has been discussed extensively over the past 10 years in a number of different forums and a significant majority appear to be in favour of the move. The majority of stall holders were also in the main supportive. The new stalls are 10 foot, like the existing ones, and there is no reason they cannot be used together in pairs. It is proposed to provide power, water and toilets. The issue of loading and unloading is no more of a problem than the current location. There will be further consultation in the new year regarding the proposed layout but not about where it is located.

The future of the Markets are being secured by the Council, with all party support, by investing in the Markets in Hebden, Todmorden and Halifax after many years of neglect.

Cllr. Steve Sweeney member of the Calderdale Market Working Party

From Jennifer Greenwood

Thursday, 25 February 2016

So apparently the majority are in favour of this plan to relocate, and the Hebden Bridge Times tells us today that councillors have voted unanimously in favour of it - but the thing is , I have yet to hear a single thing said by a single person (other than councillors) in its favour! The nearest thing to a positive comment I have heard is "Well we'll have wait and see (whether or not it works)." And I have heard a lot of concern expressed in and around the market - so who are the majority in favour of the move?

From From James Brierley

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Since Xmas, I have personally asked most of the current traders both days whether they were in favour of the move. Nobody I spoke to had been consulted, or asked what they thought of the proposals.

The stalls are smaller in all dimensions, lightweight and fiddly to erect according to the council guys who have to put them together. If they are not linked together they will be very easily blown over, as seen recently in the Piece Hall. Also, they are unsuited to Wednesday traders in particular, due to the apron and bar across their front.

The current site is self evidently more accessible as it's open on three sides, as well as having three entrances! Just saying something does not make it true Councillor!

Oh, just as an aside, when Lees Yard was under four feet of sewage, the market place was dry… just saying

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