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Water power in the valley

From Kevin Scullin

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Due to change in family circumstances I am no longer a frequent visitor to Yorkshire in general, or Hebden Bridge in particular; nevertheless, though resident in suburban London I still like to keep up with what's happening thereabouts (born in Leeds, I attended school in Mirfield, &c.).

So, it was very interesting to hear of this hydro scheme in the area (I've never heard of such a localised effort), and one doesn't need to be an industrial historian to know that water-power was indeed essential to the development of mills and the textile industry of the area.

I hope that the recent tremendous flooding in the area has in no way affected the operation of the scheme: indeed, it shows the extreme power of natural resources, which surely the human wit can harness in a beneficial way (cf. solar power).

These are just the reflections of a layman, with no expertise or party interest in energy issues. I wish the instigators well, and am glad that they were able to get the scheme operational before the what seems to me short-sighted change in governmental fiscal policy changed.

From Neil Smith

Monday, 4 July 2016

I think that this project is remarkable and perhaps represents an opportunity for the area to become a centre of excellence for micro hydro power. Would it be possible to interest specialist companies to invest in the area and use its obvious water resources and natural geography to create an investment platform locally if sites could be identified for thier use?

I was born in Leeds and come back to the North eevry year with my siblings.

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