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Boots Pharmaceuticals Plastic bags

From Simon Spurrier

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Boots are currently switching to using plastic bags for prescriptions. This is ethically wrong.

They have about 2500 branches. Each branch might be supplying 200 prescriptions per day. If this is correct, they are providing plastic bags to end up in landfill at an Annual rate of 2500 x 200 x 5 x 52 or 130 million per Annum. This is steering in the opposite direction to Government wishes.

It has to be acknowledged that this is legally correct, but is surely ethically wrong It is highly probale that this is being done to increase profitability

Simon Spurrier

From Dave R

Monday, 11 January 2016

I would imagine that the sharp corners that medication boxes contain would easily tear paper bags, risking loss of contents.

If paper bags get wet, (we live in a town with high rate rainfall) the medication boxes get wet, labels become unreadable. Is this safe?

Surely, you can re-use and recycle the bags?

My supermarket delivery has no qualms about taking all my plastic bags back for recycling.