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Alternative Christmas in June

From Dave R

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Just seen the item re a mid-summer Christmas.

Disastrous as the floods were, they happened on Boxing Day. They may have affected people's holiday plans somewhat, but they can't have spoilt Christmas Day can they?

So, what on earth is the point of a full on Santa spectacular with fake snow, Christmas movies et al?

Surely, a mid-summer celebration should reflect the Calder Valley Rising ethos. What a shame if the Handmade parade comprises of Santa and his reindeer instead of the usual fantastic mythical creatures.

How dull that the square should be covered in fake snow when we will all hopefully be enjoying the sunshine with a pint outside the newly refurbished Shoulder.

Have a party by all means but a Christmas party! I don't think I will be the only local avoiding the town for this event.

From Sarah G

Thursday, 18 February 2016

In response to Dave R's negative attitude about the Alternative Summer Christmas celebration, it saddens me being a local person in our alternative little town that you think this way.

The Boxing Day floods absolutely devastated the valley and spoilt people's Christmas that most felt like it never happened! Do you normally take your decorations down on Christmas Day night? Is it over and done with for you at that point?

Maybe you could play Scrooge in the alternative Christmas panto?

This is a fun event and why would it affect the Handmade Parade? The more things going on in our little town is surely better for the local shops in getting back on their feet!

Maybe I am just too positive like most people that live and love this place and will support Hebden Bridge to continue to survive in the future

From Dave R

Friday, 19 February 2016

I have no objection to celebrating the rising of 'my hometown'.

My point Was that to attempt to replicate Christmas in June, is more likely to appear tacky than celebratory.

The reference to the Handmade Parade was to hope that the usually colourful 'summery' parade is not diminished by the Christmas theme.

I would prefer a New Beginnings Event, but that's just it - my preference.
Anyone living in the town cannot fail to have been affected by the floods in some way. Having a Groundhog Day for 'Those who did have to take their trees down' just doesn't cut it for me.

But Ho Ho Ho and all that.

From Howard Walker

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Alright I'll bite. I have some sympathy for the OP but I concede that the idea, however ridiculous it may sound, has its merits insofar as (I understand) its intention was to help businesses to increase turnover and make up for a terrible January/February/etc.

The problem I have with the June Christmas is not an in principle objection but rather one of timing. Having decided to go with the June Christmas idea to raise a bit of profile (I can see it getting some press coverage) and help local businesses, the chosen date turns out to be none other than the same weekend as the Handmade Parade and same week as the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival. In short, the very weekend (with the possible exception of Easter and the week before Christmas) when local traders need the least help.

A big opportunity missed there. It's likely too late to change the choice of weekend now because someone stuck it on social media on a hurry without thinking it through and so it's already out there. But if you step back and think about it, as any fule noe's you can't sell a restaurant table, hotel room, b&b space or holiday cottage twice. Whatever benefits the June Christmas might have it is pretty clear that they would be greatly enhanced by the selection of a weekend which is not already jam packed with reasons to visit.