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Mytholmroyd Gala Committee

From Mark Graham

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Where is Mytholmroyd Gala Committee?

  • Gala Facebook page - no Committee posts since last summer and no news of 2016 Gala.
  • Website expired, not updated after 2014 Gala and nothing to replace it.
  • Nothing from Committee on Twitter for the last year.
  • Evasive responses to requests to join the Committee, by Chairman publicly on facebook, evidently new blood actively discouraged, despite severely depleted membership.
  • No record AGM 2015 (last record was January 2014) and no published record of the re-election of officers or the election of the vice chairperson; no published record of any meeting since July 2015.
  • Secret meeting, called as extraordinary meeting at short notice, in the Chairperson's house in Pellon on 23rd March.
  • Apparently all decisions are taken by Chairman and Vice-Chairman; anybody who disagrees is forced out.

A lot of questions need answering, including:

  • The Committee was awarded £4,800 grant from Hebden Royd Council in 2015, how was it spent?
  • Why has the Chairman cancelled the procession for 2016?
  • Why does Committee comprise mostly non-Mytholmroyd residents? Chairman lives in Pellon, Vice-Chairman is from Huddersfield?
  • Why can't this traditional Mytholmroyd Gala be planned and organised by the Mytholmroyd community? There are wonderful local organisations who could join together to produce a real village event on the school field.
  • Many questions about Constitutional and other irregularities.

From David Thompson

Friday, 25 March 2016

Sounds very sinister. Remarkably similar to the way that the Mytholmroyd Community Centre is run, as I recall from posts some years ago.