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Lindsay Rimer

From Julie C

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Thank you Juliet for being able to share your thoughts and feelings about Lindsay with us, such a powerful video.

The trauma of the family has subtle echoes throughout the Community of Hebden Bridge. We too wonder… Who was it? Who knows? What happened that night?

Our family used to live in the next street, that short walk down to Stubbing Holme round the dark corner past the scrapyard… Was it there? Was it in Market Street, New Road, or just near the Spar? Did someone she knew or recognise give her a lift?

Above all Lindsay's family need to know, but so does our town. The wound needs closing, the horror of her loss will never go away, but justice must be done.

From Dave S

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Perhaps now 20 odd years later it's time for the Police to release what they do know, because I can't ever remember seeing the carpet she was wrapped in for example, and maybe someone might recognise the carpet or something else, or some more details might illicit some kind of response.

They seem to be keeping everything close to their chests while not actually managing to get anywhere with their investigations.

For her families sake surely now they should do everything possible - release everything - to get the maximum response possible, before people who might know something, and memories, are lost forever to the mists of time.

It's terrible that after all of this time whoever did this to her has never been caught.

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