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Car Horn Disturbance

From Andy G

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Could I please make a plea to the small minority of inconsiderate motorists who insist on giving one or more long blasts on their horn every time they approach the corner on Sandy Gate opposite the Old Manse to desist from doing so.

It's bad enough for my wife and me when we are up and about in the house, but our neighbour is a nurse who works permanent nights and she is being driven to distraction by lack of sleep which could affect her clinical judgement at work.

You may say that it's necessary to sound your horn approaching a blind corner in case another vehicle is approaching in the other direction, but we have noticed that the drivers who regularly sound their horns do not slow down approaching the corner. If they would only slow down to a speed from which they could stop safely on meeting another vehicle coming in the opposite direction, then they wouldn't need to sound their horn.

Please folks - could you have a little consideration for your neighbours? Thanking you in anticipation.