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Tree decoration

From George Murphy

Monday, 18 April 2016

Walking in the hills between Hebden and Mytholmroyd, I was struck by how many trees have been decorated with black plastic poo pouches. Friends from Shropshire admitted that they'd never seen so many tastefully hung parcels of dog dung. But I wonder, are we missing a trick? At this time of year, shouldn't dog owners use pink bags? In years to come the Calder Dog Poo Trail could rival the Cherry Blossom trail in Japan.

Plastic bags are famously slow to degrade. It should be possible to make DNA checks on the contents of each bag and award prizes to the most industrious tree artist and their poo prolific pooch.

From Alex Rudkin

Thursday, 21 April 2016

If we had national DNA and fingerprint database of every person in the country we could also check every beer can, drinks bottle and crisp packet that litters the area.