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Town Hall privacy

From David Tut

Monday, 25 April 2016

I recently had to go to the Town Hall to discuss some private and confidential business to Calderdale Council and to my utter surprise no little private office but a desk in the main entrance for everyone to see and hear.

I was utterly disgusted which the whole situation but may I add not with the staff who I think felt the same but got on whith the job well so can someone from the council tell me why in such a big new building a private room can't be available.

If not then I'm happy to discuss my private business in the café at least it will be warmer and a cup of tea.

From Julie C

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Calderdale's 'Customer First' used to rent a small private room in the Town Hall, after they left the Library. It was the room with the glazed door near the café. I believe that, pre-floods, they chose to leave that and move back to the Library. There they used to have their own counter, but after they gave it up the first time the space got reused for library stuff, and they just had to work off the end of the librarian's counter, though there was a small private room people could ask to talk in if it wasn't busy.

After the Library was flooded they moved back to the Town Hall, but the original space was being used. So, I think it's maybe a bit of shortsighted money saving by Calderdale that backfired. The Council handed over the old Town Hall to the Community Association that now runs it, plus the big new extension - users pay rent to them, not Calderdale.

From Vikki Uttley

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

How much would the Town Hall Community Association charge for a small room? The Customer First is a much needed facility, especially after the floods. I used it when it was a proper little room with a door for privacy. I don't think I could have discussed my queries with the world and his mother listening. The staff as ever were great, helpful, professional. I feel sorry the staff are trying to do their job in a big public space. Community Association, Customer First… think on as Uncle Stanley would say.

From Steve Sweeney

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The location of Customer First at the Town Hall is a temporary measure due to flooding of the library. The move prior to the flood back to the library was at the request of the Community Association who wished to use the small room and the alternatives offered were unsuitable, costs were not an issue.

From Graham Mynott

Friday, 29 April 2016

We really value our close links with Calderdale Council. Customer First had previously been based in our small glass-fronted room for a couple of days a week, before they moved back to the library by mutual agreement. Last year we made the decision to remove the room and create a more flexible space for everyday use, but after the floods caused damage to the library we delayed the work for four months so that Customer First could have a temporary home here. Once the work started, we arranged with Customer First that customers would have access to a confidential space on request.

We'll follow up on this feedback and talk to Calderdale about whether there's anything further we can do to help them provide the best support possible to their customers. Feel free to get in touch directly with any feedback.