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Ephaborough Hub

From F. Robinson

Friday, 20 May 2016

Posting for Julie Kozlow Law at the Ephaborough Hub:

Last night those of us running the Elphaborough Hub were given awards at the Town Hall in recognition of our work with the residents. We were grateful for this recognition BUT someone mentioned to me that it's all over now. No it isn't!!!

The Elphaborough Hub in case some people don't know is the sheltered housing complex in Mytholmroyd, home to many old and vulnerable people. Those living in ground floor accommodation got the worst of the floods, having to be rescued from their homes in terrifying circumstances.

The residents of the floods have been through so much stress and upheaval, some don't have family and their friends are also elderly so they still need emotional and physical support,, i.e when they have to move back to their homes, sorting out changes of address, phone lines, doctors, banks, decorators, carpet fitters, gas/electric companies, as we all know ringing these companies can be a time consuming pain in the butt as it is, physically packing away donated belongings AGAIN, these old people shouldn't be struggling with this! Searching for furniture, sorting out deliveries, etc etc, try and imagine the stress of moving!

Emotionally these people have lost their friends and some are now isolated in temp accommodation, Alone and Depressed! Trying to come to terms with the trauma of boxing day.😥

Many residents have said how the Hub has been a place to come for all this help and support, or even just an escape from the isolation of being on their own.

I also want to pass on the gratitude and thank yous from all these people to All the volunteers that have helped through out these months, There really is too many names/groups, companies etc to mention.

Please don't forget about these people all the voluntary help is still needed and appreciated.